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Dimensional analysis / similarity analysis help

by victor_123
Tags: analysis, dimensional, similarity
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Dec24-10, 12:28 AM
P: 2
Iím currently investigation the fluid motion (diffusion) of gas's so see how well they can ventilate in an enclosure.

I would like to simulate this using a (1/10) scale model. The enclosure has already been built, and smoke pellets are going to be placed inside to help visualize fluid motion.

If I add a fan to simulate wind, will there have to be any scaling on its velocity to account for the 1-10 scale model and smoke pellets being used??

Any help or opinions are greatly appreciated

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Dec24-10, 03:28 AM
P: 51
I think so. If you have a model race track then a car traveling normal speeds on your scaled down track would be way too fast, right?

The mass transfer differential equation...
∂CA/∂t + v.∇CA = DAB2CA

Where v.∇CA is your convective mass transfer term and, as you can see, is entirely dependent on velocity.
Dec30-10, 08:34 PM
P: 2
Thanks, thatís what I thought too. But Iím unsure of what parameters to use in the analysis. Any ideas people?

Thanks again

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