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Books to help understand Physics?

by aec2003
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Oct14-04, 09:35 PM
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I'm in college taking a basic level Physics course and I can't seem to fully understand it by reading my book & my professor confuses me even more. Has anyone used any books or cd-roms to help you understand Physics better? If so, would you mind sharing? Thanks,
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Oct14-04, 09:41 PM
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By the way, I'm thinking of like a book that I can check out from the library that has maybe practice problems to help or something?? I'm getting a D in my class & I have to get a B in it. Anyone read Schaum's Outline of theory & problems of college physics, The complete idiot's guide to physics, or Ace your midterms & Finals: Physics??
Oct14-04, 10:05 PM
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I have got quite a few books, REA, Schaums, outline series, etc. and none of them cover the material I need them to for my college class, although it is honors so it may be different. They seem to do alot worse than the text book and are more of a reference, although I don't find them of much use overall.

Oct14-04, 10:17 PM
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Books to help understand Physics?

Get Resnick and Halliday.
Oct14-04, 10:53 PM
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I'm guessing those are the authors...what are the titles of the books? Thanks
Oct14-04, 11:15 PM
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"Fundamentals of Physics" by Halliday, Resnick and Walker is quite good,

"Physics" by Giancoli is also quite good.
Oct15-04, 02:28 AM
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Physics (Volume 1 & 2) by D Halliday, R Resnick and K Krane. Publisher : John Wiley & Sons. You really have to get this book.

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