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Magnetic Field Calculation

by airbuzz
Tags: calculation, field, magnetic
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Oct27-04, 06:34 AM
P: 34
I have two parallel plate electrodes in which flows a determined current J. I found that the magnetic field between the two electrodes is:

[tex]B_z (y,z)=\frac{\mu J}{2\pi d}(\vartheta_1+\vartheta_2}[/tex]

(see attached figure)

This comes form the field generated by a plate that is:

[tex]B_z (y,z)=\frac{\mu J}{2\pi d}\vartheta[/tex]

Does anybody knows from where come this formula and how to demonstrate it??

I´m just fighting against Maxwell´s equations, but they are winning...
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Nov4-04, 05:54 AM
P: 64
Can you explain [tex]\vartheta[\tex] means?
Nov4-04, 06:12 AM
P: 34
it is a TeX command to write theta in that way.

\theta [tex]\Rightarrow\,\,\theta[/tex]
\vartheta [tex]\Rightarrow\,\,\vartheta[/tex]

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