anyone know of high temp epoxy(600-800C) with no outgassing?

by izzyadonai
Tags: ht epoxides, polymer membranes
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Jul8-11, 07:29 PM
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hey everyone im israel im new here.
I was wondering if anybody knew of an epoxy that could withstand high temperatures between 600 and 800 Celsius? possibly a fully oxidized graphene-epoxide?
i need to be able to roll up a thin layer (lets say 10 to 30 microns) with a super thin layer of the same epoxy (so that it is gas tight) and once it is cured i need to be able to slice it down to possibly as thin as 2 mm coins while maintaining structural integrity. thanks :D
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Jul15-11, 01:02 PM
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Not sure about the low-outgassing req., contact them for details.

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