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Does anyone make a small high temperature and high pressure pump?

by Jack_O
Tags: pressure, pump, temperature
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Feb8-12, 07:53 AM
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Hello, I have recently started work as a researcher at a university investigating heat transfer fluids (HTF). One of the tasks is to build a pumping test rig to simulate plant conditions. One of the fluids being tested is a eutectic mix of biphenyl and diphenyl oxide which is similar in density and viscosity to water but boils at 257C.

Testing will be up to 460C at 35 bar so ideally I want to find a pump that can run up to 500C at 40 bar. The test loop would be fairly small with around 1-2l of HTF in the loop, pressurised before running the pump so it only needs to push the htf around the loop, a pumping rate of 2-5l per minute would be fine. I have contacted several companies so far without luck.

The rig will be made of parts from swagelok, either 1/4" or 1/2" stainless steel piping. If I cannot find a pump I may end up using some kind of piston arrangement to pump the HTF back and forth without a loop.
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