Really weird random effect...

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Feb11-12, 07:12 PM
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One day I just put on my polarized sunglasses, and on the road, I looked at cumulonimbus cloud probably in the congestus stage in a system with many other cumulus clouds (those big puffy clouds), and a single giant cumulus cloud appeared yellow-ish when wearing the polarized sunglass, and I took them off for a second to see if it would make a difference, all of the sudden the cloud was no longer yellow and it was just plain white, and it was only that single cloud. I put my glasses back on and off, and the cloud kept switching between white and yellow.
Any explanation for why a single random cumulus cloud would change color with polarized sunglasses?
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Feb12-12, 03:21 AM
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I'd guess that the different wavelengths of light were being scattered and polarized differently in that particular cloud at the time.

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