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Centrifugal compressors...some details on work done and vane angles.

by Urmi Roy
Tags: angles, centrifugal, compressorssome, vane, work
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Urmi Roy
Apr8-12, 01:14 AM
P: 711
1. As far as the derivation goes, Cp(T02-T01)= Euler work= U2Cx2 in a centrifugal compressor....
where T01 and T02 are the stagnation temperatures....however, in a solved problem in my book, it writes:

Cp(T2-T1)= Euler work= U2Cx2...and therefore uses static temperature instead of stagnation this an error?

2. There is no actual adiabatic isentropic process between the initial stagnation temperature (T01) and the final isentropic stagnation temperature T02s...thenwhy are we allowed to use

T02s= T01(P02/P01)^(γ-1/γ)?

3. Is it true that the inlet air angle, alpha for a radial vane centrifugal compressor CANNOT be 90 deg?

(My teacher said that it always has to be< 90, since otherwise the liquid/air in compressor would simply slide off the vane without making the vanes rotate.... )
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Urmi Roy
Apr9-12, 07:56 AM
P: 711
Someone please please please help!!
Urmi Roy
Apr11-12, 08:55 AM
P: 711
Could someone at least give me a clue??? Its very frustrating to have to wonder about these things everyday and not find a solution....

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