are LED lamps for flashlights available in bulk or is manufacture controlled by OEM?

by cave_cat
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Apr9-12, 07:14 AM
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suppose you want to go into business making LED flashlights. Let's say Amazon reviews of existing flashlights say that some are flimsy, others have overly specialized lamp, yet others have small battery etc. So, let's say, you decide to manufacture your own flashlight that would solve these various problems.

I understand that the batteries, the power supply and the plastic case are commodity products and are available in bulk. Now, how about the LED lamp itself? Are various such lamps also widely available from various spare parts suppliers or are they manufactured under tight control of the company that makes the flashlight and so would be unavailable to other manufacturers who don't know how to make quality LEDs for this application?
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Apr9-12, 03:36 PM
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