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What to do with math skills?

by adam.wp
Tags: calculus, career, math, plan, skills
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May29-12, 08:09 AM
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Hello all. I got curious about how fractions worked back in Feb 2012; I really enjoyed trying to understand it so I kept going and now I'm up to Limits at Infinity.

I really enjoy math and the mechanics of it (although most of it so far seems to be manipulating notation, or concept driven without application).

My question is when and how can I use the math I learn? I'm a security guard at the moment, but could I get into a good college being good at math? I went to a local community college and took a test and they said they would put me in MATH 222, says the paper they gave me.

e is by far my favorite topic, hence I like logs too, but what should I try to learn to use them? Limits are interesting and I imagine whatever they are used for (whatever involves behavior near some value lol) is equally interesting. I browsed a few chapters ahead in this book and differential equations look neat too.

Thanks to any for the help.
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May29-12, 11:25 AM
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You can do a lot with math skills. For example, physics and engineering make very heavy use of math.

You can also go into applied math, which is more heavy on math and a bit less applications. This would include things like statistics and modelling.
Pure math doesn't include applications, but just expands on the theory.

Basically, you have to see what you find interesting and you can do that. If you like physics,for example, then be sure to meet a lot of math in there.
May30-12, 05:18 AM
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Thanks for the response. I spent yesterday looking into the subjects you listed and applied mathematics describes what I like most about math. Granted it's spread across a variety of fields...

I guess I'll just keep studying calculus, try to enroll in college, and go from there.

Thanks for the reply.

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