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Entropy equation plot

by andreajf89
Tags: entropy, equation, plot
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Jun25-12, 01:34 PM
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Hi everybody, I have a problem with this equation:
it represents the motion of a gas in a duct with friction (Fanno flow). I need to plot this function in a T-s plot, do you have any ideas? the Mach number changes along the curve...

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Jun26-12, 11:37 AM
HW Helper
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What exactly do you want to plot? S2-S1 vs. T2, or vs. T2/T1?

What variables does M (the Mach number?) depend on? Is it just a function of T? S and T?

If it depends on both you'll need to do a contour plot. (The brute force way of doing a contour plot is basically to generate a grid of S and T points and then plot a point for every pair of values (T,S) that satisfy the equation).

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