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Positive/Negative Pressure Control of Syringe using Compressed Air and Vacuum Pump

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Dec17-12, 04:50 PM
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I would like to try and set up a pressure control system in my lab using house vacuum and compressed air. Or otherwise using a compressed air source and vacuum pump.

I want to be able to control the pressure in a reservoir (a syringe) within the range of -15 to +15psi.

I was thinking that I can do this somehow by connecting the gas source and vacuum source in parallel with the reservoir and adusting flow using throttle valve to reach desired setpoint as read by a pressure gauge.

This is far outside my area of expertise and seems like something that should be fairly easy to do. I think the general way I have suggested may work but I am not sure of the specifics and anticipate there may be a better way.

I possible I would also like to be able to have computer control, in LabView for example.
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