Heat Transfer: Thermal Conductivity of Tubes in Aerial Coolers

by a.m.d
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Apr11-13, 03:54 PM
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How can I determine the thermal conductivity of two different aerial coolers' tubes, taking into account the ambient temperature of the air? The overall goal is to determine which cooler is able to cool water the best, but the data was taken during different outside air temperatures.

Below is the information I have available

-material inside the tubes (water)
-material outside the tubes (air)
-Air temp
-water temperature going into the cooler
-water temperature going out of the cooler
-wall thickness of tubes
-hydraulic diameter of tube
-tube length
-number of tubes
-surface area of tubes
-thermal conductivity of water
-Prandtl Number
-kinematic viscosity of water
-velocity of water
-Reynold's number

I have no info on the velocity of the air through the tubes.

Any help would be appreciated!
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