Radio lattice interactions

by Neuvotonian
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May7-13, 10:25 PM
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So mobile devices use radio waves so I had this thought that if there was evidence linking radio waves with changing organic tissue structure is the evidence that radio waves can be used to change the electric or magnetic properties of metals or liquids? Underwater walk talky jabbering for example? How does water allow or disallow for the passing of radio waves. What kinda wave functions am I trying to find? I'm thinking you got a standard treatment where the frequency can dampen or strengthen given the distance traveled though I don't know of any coefficients for that. Explanations with mathematical equations can be complex if you explain the steps between the primary result equations or link to a text that does. I don't want this to get theory blather closed so knowledgeable comments would be nice.

Thanks for the read?
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May8-13, 12:47 PM
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Here is a very good and easily readable explanation about the biological effects of RF energy

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