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Stewart platform on tower crane

by DC988
Tags: crane, platform, stewart, tower
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May8-13, 04:16 PM
P: 1
Looking for a bit of help on finding some advantages and disadvantages of using this proposed stewart platform (cable) system (James Albus invention) on a tower crane. How would it improve load control? Would it genuinely stop the load from swaying? Would it allow for more accurate positioning of the load. The current idea is to use robotic winches to extend the lengths of the 6 cables to control the position of the load platform.

Just looking for some general opinions on this.

Here is the configuration:

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May8-13, 04:32 PM
P: 696
It looks to me that longitudinal sway is possibly restrained by cable extensions if the length is fixed at 77 and 23, but that lateral sway (perp to the plane of the fig) is still possible about the longitudinal axis passing through 77 and 23.

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