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Angular momentum eigenstates and total mom. S?

by qqchico
Tags: angular, eigenstates, momentum
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May30-05, 10:46 PM
P: 28
My problem is with finding total angular momentum S of a spin 2 particles. My quantum book doesn't do any examples with spin 2 particles do i just do
J(J+1)|j,m> and just plug in j and that will be my value.
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May31-05, 03:22 AM
P: 3
Assuming zero orbital angular momentum, L = 0, then the eigenvalue of the total angular momentum squared is just S^2 = s(s+1)*(h-bar)^2, with s = 2.

Generally, the treatment of the problem is the same as with spin-1/2 particles, so the orbital- and spin-components of angular momentum add together as usual in the case of non-zero orbital angular momentum, ie j goes between abs(l - s) and abs(l+s) in integer steps, then l(l+1)*(h-bar)^2 is the eigenvalue of L^2.


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