Personal hydroelectric power.

by dustinbagley
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Oct8-05, 04:42 PM
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I spent some time in the state of West Virginia where many people have streams running through their own property, many of which had even been dammed up by large mounds of earth to make ponds. Some of the larger ones were at least 300 ft across and maybe 20 ft deep. I couldn't help but think about this wasted potential energy. What do you think? Is it possible to generate any power with a turbine and generator using a similarly small amount of water? Of course the power generation would not be consistant, in fact there would most likely be many times where the ponds run completley dry. But when it rains and it rains alot, it would fill rather quickly. I just want to know if anyone thinks one could benifit from something like this.
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Oct8-05, 04:57 PM
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You could certainly get some reasonable power from an alternator (or several) along with storage batteries and inverters. (Or just take a direct feed.) Most of the farms in my area had wind generators back in the pre-70's. It's at least enough to run things like pumps, power tools, etc..
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Oct8-05, 06:31 PM
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I have actually seen pictures of people who have streams running through their properties that have generators working off the stream. I'm not exactly sure HOW they do it (turbine or other means), but they do capture off those streams.

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