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    How to get started with stocks?

    Why day trading? The taxes are higher, you will pay a lot of brokerage fees (for frequent trading), and it is mostly gambling unless you have insider knowledge that the general public does not have. Not to mention you generally need $25,000 minimum to trade on margin (I think trading on margin...
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    New auto dog dish

    Maybe a sliding lid for the bowl portion so that when you open the top it doesn't come gushing out? Could develop a mechanism that required you to lock a lid in place on the bowl before the top would open.
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    Generating Heat

    Well, they already make hockey tape that is sticky on both sides. You could find a way to adhear a thin layer of salt on the outside of the tape. Some people rub wax on their stick blade after it has been taped in order to help try to protect the tape. Perhaps you could create a wax/salt...
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    Casi.Voy equation

    Maybe I am wrong, but it looks similar to coulomb's law
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    The most knowledgeable person on Earth

    I guess it depends on quality or quantity of knowledge, but it is worth mentioning Kim Peek (I guess he died two years ago though). I saw a documentary on the science channel some time ago that credited him as probably the most knowledgeable person. "According to an article in the Times...
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    News US Supreme Court rules on violent video games

    I read the ruling, and while I agree with it, I was slightly confused. Part of the majority opinion said something to the effect of "there is no precedent in the US to restrict minors to exposure to violent entertainment" or something like that. What about "R" rated movies, and the fact that...
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    Radiation device

    Hmmm.. well anyone who works at a nuclear power plant must enter a whole body counter before he/she leaves work to ensure that he/she is not leaving with any contamination. The counter is designed to measure both internal and external contamination though. I guess if you cleaned up/stripped...
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    Car troubles D:

    Sometimes eratic RPMs and jerky shifting can be symptoms of a bad Throttle Positioning Sensor, which is pretty common and a cheap fix (guessing $150-$300?). Try googling more info to see if other symptoms match up.
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    Non nuclear part of a nuclear power plant

    The turbine/generator are on the "turbine deck" which is housed in the "turbine building". Those are the only names I've heard around here.
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    Why isn't the cooling system power-independent?

    The emergency core cooling systems of a nuclear plant are not designed to run on external power. All events/accidents are postulated with a coincident loss of offsite power (one cannot credit offsite power in accident analysis). Therefore, the emergency core cooling system power must come from...
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    Non stick pots and pans

    Nonstick pans are great, but they do have their limitations. When using a nonstick pan you should never use very high heat, it will cause the nonstick surface to degrade. If you need a good sear (high heat) try using either cast iron or stainless steel. Never never never use metal utensils in...
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    Plagiarism checker?

    Whenever I was in highschool we had to submit essays through a plagiarism checking service. Apparently the software would highlight parts of your paper in different colors for different degrees of plagiarism. Red was a direct copy/paste, yellow was bits and pieces matching, and blue was no...
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    Need help finding the relationship between force and acceleration

    I may be wrong here, but I think Newton came up with a famous equation that relates force to acceleration.
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    Good Marketing or wasting energy

    I've seen various products like cereals or chips featured on "how it's made," and the person giving the factory tour said that the nitrogen bubble that they put in the bag is truly needed to preserve the freshness of the product and that it's not some gimmick to short change you. Whether or not...
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    Teen suspended for religious nose ring

    "Church of body modification"? This is kind of like that time I tried to convince my teachers I was joining the "church of beer" - didn't go over quite so well. I think if she was hindi or some other widely known/respected religion, the school would have had no problem with her claim. I...