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    Colliding stars

    Globular cluster stars are more likely to mass-transfer that way.
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    At what speed are we moving through space?

    Relative to what reference frame is the earth not moving?
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    How many languages can you speak

    Speak and write and read both English and Spanish fluently. Can understand and read some Italian and and a bit more of Portuguese.
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    What is Space outside of the universe and infinity according to Physics?

    And you believe that "everywhere" was created by the BB-correct?
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    Expansion of the universe and the speed of light

    Thanks. The way you express it is definitely the right way.
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    Gravity on a space evelvator

    Doesn't the upward velocity of the elevator itself create an artificial gravity that has to be factored into these calculations?
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    Questioning Gravity

    If you mean that the source of gravity-matter-doesn't decrease or weaken in its ability to exert the same gravitational force as it uses that force, then you are right-it doesn't. An object of a certain mass will continue to exert the same gravitational force at the same intensity forever as...
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    Black holes and tidal forces!

    Wouldn't it be logical to assume that if the singularity is infinite that it's gravitation attraction would continue regardless of how far matter is pulled in? That it can't have a stationary center because if it did then it wouldn't be infinite?
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    Understanding expansion

    Wouldn't the photons and cosmic rays reaching us from the past be much bigger if that shrinking scenario were true?
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    The importance of atmospheres for the planetary temperature

    Atmosphere is the reason why Venus' temperature is a bit higher than Mercury's even though Mercury is closer to the sun.
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    Number of Voids in the (observable) Universe

    Have you considered the Eridanus Supervoid or Great Void?
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    How can light be slowed?

    When the lazer is suddenly turned off the light freezes for a fraction of a second within the gas only to resume after the lazer is turned back on .
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    Expanding universe into what?

    That's mind boggling!
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    Expansion of the universe and the speed of light

    That's exactly what I meant. That space expands so fast in certain regions that light can't traverse them completely as it otherwise would if space were not expanding. That's why the present detectable universe is expected to become eventually undetectable. The light will be "attempting" to...
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    How can light be slowed?

    Shooting a lazer through super-cooled sodium atoms will slow the light to 34mph.