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    Is Golf Natural for Men?

    Well I don't disagree with the findings but I do disagree with the idea that women do not have a propensity for sexual infidelity. Recent surveys have bourne that out. From what I recall, 52% of men and 47% of women are unfaithful to their partners. I believe the survey was conducted in America...
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    Current Human Evolution

    When I hear the quetion "Are humans evolving?" I often take it to mean evolving in a particular direction; that particular characteristics are being selected for and others are being selected against. If this is what you mean then I think that a case could be made that we are not. If you are...
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    Americans are genetically superior to all others.

    Well first of all I don't believe there is any such thing as an "American gene-pool" since America is not a sexually isolated population. Second of all I don't believe that America is the most genetically varied population. I would say that accolade would go to Greater Europe.
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    Which race do i truly belong to?

    Sub-species: Homo Sapiens Sapiens :wink:
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    Americans are genetically superior to all others.

    I presume this is a joke. Reading it out of context (if there is a context) I give it a 2/10.
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    How did sex evolve?

    One word: Parasites If you consider the human genome to be an elaborate set of locks and parasites (eg. virus, bacteria, etc) as safe crackers who are constantly evolving keys to open the locks and exploit it's host. Sexual reproduction is a means of changing the combination of a series of...
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    Brain function, im worried about meds

    Intelligence doesn't exist? Please explain. in·tel·li·gence n. 1. The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. 2. The faculty of thought and reason. I'm pretty sure that I have the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. I'm also sure that I have the faculty of thought and reason...
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    Brain function, im worried about meds

    SSRI's allow more Serotonin to flood a synapse. Serotonin does not travel from one end of a neuron to another. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that effects post synaptic AP firing. As to any long effects of SSRI I'd have to say there must be some. Chemicals that effect the global chemistry of...
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    98.75% positive = negative? DNA paternity testing

    Yes but I think the point that was being made was that for every sample of 100 men from the population, statistically one would be a match for your child. In short, not particulary accurate.
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    You'll Love This

    That web site would be funny if it wasn't so damaging to any child who comes across. I love the impartial analysis: Evolution is a Lie Not evolution is false, or flawed or wrong but it's actually a LIE. There are thousands of evolutionary biologists, zoologist, ecologist, etc all around...
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    I think, therefore, I am.

    I haven't read this whole thread, I just don't have the patience so if this has already been discussed then I apologise. First I voted yes because I believe that, for the most part, Descartes got it right. Descartes application of systematic doubt to the world that he saw around him was...
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    Evolutionary feedback

    I'd be interested in hearing about it if you can dig something up. Given the germline is sectioned off after 52 days of embryo development I'd find that sort of discovery very interesting.
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    Evolutionary feedback

    This however is wrong.
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    Evolutionary feedback

    No that is not wrong. I said "The only feedback that effects a genes proliferation is differential survival and reproduction." Please tell me how that is wrong.
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    Evolutionary feedback

    That's commonly referred to a Lamarkian Evolution and it's false. There is no feedback from the environment that alters an organisms germline (cosmic and nuclear radiation can do but that's not feedback) The only feedback that effect a genes proliferation is differential survival and...