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    I Experience based on Millikan's experiment

    I am guessing mcd = ‘maximum common divisor’ (the more common term to me would be gcd = ‘greatest common divisor’)? In that case, it does not even make sense to talk of a mcd/gcd if you are not dealing with integers in the first place. If the weights of the individual packages are integers but...
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    B When Will Fermilab Release Its Initial Muon g-2 Measurement?

    I think you are seriously a) overestimating and overstating the level of commitment anyone has made to definitely publish something in December 2020. I don‘t see a definitive publication date stated anywhere that could be officially corrected. b) underestimating how little it takes to delay a...
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    Can I use recursion/induction to show that N <= x < N+1 for x real

    Yes, I think arguing this needs to be part of a complete solution here. No, ”for every real number x, there is an integer ##N>x##” and ”for every integer N, there is a real number ##x>N##” are not in contradiction...
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    Can I use recursion/induction to show that N <= x < N+1 for x real

    But how do know that this procedure will ever terminate, i.e., that for every positive real ##x## you will find some integer ##N## so that ##x<N+1##? You might just forever be stuck with “ok, ##x>N+1## so we proceed”. Or, as Prop. 4.4.1 in you link puts it “there is no such thing as a rational...
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    LaTeX Is there a good compendium of LaTeX exercises?

    It doesnt necessarily need to be formal assignments. Typing up your own lecture notes for example can be a way to get experience at using ##\LaTeX## and the same time be the first step in revising the material (of course, you would have to try for yourself how effective that second aspect is for...
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    B What does the unit "Js" of the Planck constant mean?

    Have you tried to google what “Js” stands for? What did you find? Also Plancks constant is not an energy (as you would discover by finding out what the ”J” in Js means).
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    A If Neutrinos are majorana particles, does this mean lepton number is not conserved?

    Sure, neutrinoless double beta decay would be the simplest example that comes to mind and is something actively looked for in experiments. To put it in more technical terms, the weak interaction violates C and CP symmetry, yes.
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    Are open access journals legit for my CV?

    Well, this is the 85th post here. How much more pausing and thinking do you need?
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    Are open access journals legit for my CV?

    Not fake in the sense that it would not actually publish documents. I don't think that high profile scientist are infallible.
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    Are open access journals legit for my CV?

    What? I said, with what you have reported so far, it does not matter for my opinion about this journal who is associated with it in whatever way. Where do you see a "seeming contradiction"?
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    Are open access journals legit for my CV?

    My take is, after this statement of an editor: the journal really looses any credibility. There is no reason to trust an article published in that way any more than one just uploaded to the arxive. I don't really see how names of other scientists being attached to the journal in one or the...
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    Are open access journals legit for my CV?

    Well, apparently some people are enjoying it 😁 :
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    Are open access journals legit for my CV?

    1) See 3. 2) What else did you expect an editor to say about his journal? 3) So really they do not review the paper. In that sense it is moot whether their own “preprint server” or whatever is not the journal, and it also doesn’t matter how many famous scientists they, legitimately or not...
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    A Do bosons contradict basic probability laws?

    No, he said that the terms are used synonymously [by many sources]. As @vanhees71 pointed out, this is probably not a good idea in the first place. Obviously, in the special cases where particles with identical properties can approximately be distinguished one has to be particularly careful with...