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    Antivirus false positive on ransomware and keylogger for MikTex & TexStudio?

    I used to promote AVG as a good option when they were a good company with consistent performance. Since Avast bought AVG it uses the same definitions, so is as good/bad as each other at file recognition. Avast/AVG/Piriform sell your activity to 3rd parties. When the pro packages expire they stop...
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    Self-Testing on a PC running Win 10

    It may be useful to install a desktop widget to monitor the charging and discharging, and see extra details about the battery such as You will need to re-enable the old widget support in Windows to use them.
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    Specifications for buying a laptop for study and research purposes

    The answer is always the same, get the best you can for the budget you have. Get an AMD based system with a decent ATI GPU already in it. You will get a more powerful system that runs cooler for the same money if you go with AMD/ATI instead of intel. External device speeds are bottlenecked by...
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    Antivirus false positive on ransomware and keylogger for MikTex & TexStudio?

    If you are having problems with installing for different types of user, make sure you right-click and run the installer as Admin. When having problems with an AV and installers, simply excluding the installer or folder it is in will not help, as the unpacked files are not the installer, they...
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    Example of a technology that was long underestimated?

    Semiconductors. Faraday discovered the semiconducting properties of materials in 1833, but we couldn't do anything with it til the first transistors in 1954. Without that we would be all using valves and relays in our not so portable computers. Hmmm. I wonder how long it would take to mint a...
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    Can an aircraft using a geomagnetic field generate lift?

    I do like this topic, as it is one of my bar-room philosophy type areas. Not practical but fun to explore. A problem I think you would hit when actually trying to move around the planet, is that the magnetic fields vary a lot from place to place. The planet has an overall magnetic field and...
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    I Why is there rust on Mars?

    Not a bad question, better than the first actually, but as mentioned above, where the iron is makes a big difference. Mars has a lot of iron-rich Basalt at the surface. There is also still a very thin atmosphere which will move any remaining Oxygen around with wind-blown particles of Basalt...
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    I Why is there rust on Mars?

    Before life on Earth there was a small amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. Life did not put it there. Chemistry and Physics put it there. In water oxygen is bound to Hydrogen, and we know Mars had water and still has iced water. Oxygen is not "produced" as such, it is unlocked from other...