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    Fatty Acid chain length and its effect on binding to serum albumin

    adding: is it possible that bsa has multiple types of binding sites (we calculated 5 total sites for ANS) that are specific to the fatty acid, giving us the two different curve profiles of caproic acid and lauric acid?
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    Fatty Acid chain length and its effect on binding to serum albumin

    Homework Statement The background: We performed an experiment testing the fatty acid binding difference of caproic (hexanoic) acid and lauric (dodecanoic) acid to bovine serum albumin. The experiment was performed using a fluorescent marking called ANS(which fluoresces when bound to bovine...
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    Integral of cotx squared

    Homework Statement find the integral of (cscx)2 between pie/6 to pie/2 The Attempt at a Solution cot2x = 1 / sin2x * cos2x / cos2x which becomes.. tan2x * sec2x then i substituted u for tan x, and turned the integral into.. u2du = u3 / 3 which is.. tan3x / 3 between pie/6 and...
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    Acid/base buffer reactions

    Homework Statement Describe the preparation of 40 L of 0.0500M phosphate buffer, pH 6.9 starting with 1M solutions of KH2PO4 and K2HPO4. pKa= 7.2 Homework Equations pH= pKa + log[A-]/[HA] [b]3. The Attempt at a Solution [/b 6.9=7.2 + log[A-]/[HA] -0.3= log[A-]/[HA] [A-]/[HA]= 0.50...
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    A question about Km's of Firefly Luciferase

    So heres the background, I am currently doing research on one of the luciferase proteins. The luciferase protein creates bioluminescence using the substrates ATP and Luciferan. Its a two step process... but the general sense is that u can use the light to measure the activity of the protein as...
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    Implicit Derivation

    aahhhh, lol. Ok, so how do i know that the tangent line is simply x = 1? edit: oh wait, i think i got it. So i realize the slope is divided by 0, which means that the limit approaches infinity, and the slope is undefined, what i don't get is how u make the next connection and say that the...
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    Implicit Derivation

    ok, yea that makes more sense. So the answer to the question is that the tangent is undefined
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    Implicit Derivation

    I'm still a little confused, if the slope was infinity wouldn't the function be increasing infinitly as well? i'm a little confused
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    Implicit Derivation

    so as the derivative goes to that point, it goes to infinity, telling us that the function must also be growing infinitly. But bottom line, the tangent line does not exist at (1,1), right? b/c there is no derivative at the point (1,1), there is just a limit
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    Implicit Derivation

    Homework Statement What is the derivative of x^2 + y^2 = 2y, and find the tangent line to this equation at (1,1) Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I get y' = x / (1-y). However, how do I find the tangent line to this? When I plug in the values it divides by zero! (1 /...
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    Derivative Problem

    o i ggot it! so it become 2 = e^(-x-2x) and then you simply take the ln... thanks jeffreydk
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    Derivative Problem

    Homework Statement I have to find the min and max of this function using derivatives: (e^(-x)) - (e^(-2x)) The Attempt at a Solution f'(x) = -e^(-x) + 2x(e^(-2x)) So now i set that to zero, and I get... 2x(e^(-2x)) = e^(-x) And at this point I have no idea what to do. If...
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    Important Question about RNA processing

    I had a question about how the RNA processing occurs. I know that the RNA is transcribed off the DNA, and then the introns are removed(sometimes in different orders), and then the capping occurs. My question is whether or not different segments of RNA can fuse together before during the...
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    Biology Lab Abstract: Photosynthesis

    yea, thats it, we used DPIP as an electron acceptor, i didn't even think about it, but it does change from blue to clear as it is reduced...can't believe i missed that, thanks for your help
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    Titration problems

    would that fact that H2SO4 is a polyprotic acid do anything?