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    Alien life forms, do they exist?

    What would constitute machine life?
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    Alien life forms, do they exist?

    Sorry I went in that direction, just wanted to cover my bases. I have always thought about us creating a race of machines, definitely very possible. There was a pretty cool documentary about first contact being between us and a machine probe, rather than life...
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    Alien life forms, do they exist?

    Its possible, though they would have to be created by another intelligent entity wouldnt they? How can a machine come together by itself in the same way that chemistry brought us together? At what point does machine life start? I dont think a collection of inert pieces that perform a task can...
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    Photons in empty space

    Cant photons be in superposition?
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    Alien life forms, do they exist?

    Well it would be logical to assume that if a civilization lasted for millions of years, it would be highly unlikely that they could be wiped out. Im gonna look at the Kardashev scale here, I know its not really that scientific but its the best model I know of. Its estimated that in a million...
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    AutoCAD stands for

    I used AutoCAD in high school when i did Graphics. Believe me, the Auto is a deserved part of the name. Drawing on those slanted desks with the attached always annoyingly bent rulers was a nightmare. CAD programs make even 2d drawings quick and easy. Isometric projection was insanely easier...
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    Computer shuts down during graphically intense games.

    730W with his gear is definitely enough, and the wattage of a psu generally isnt the problem these days. I run a Phenom 2 955 @ 4ghz with a modestly overclocked Reference ATI 5850 on a 4 year old 500W Enermax Liberty. Most people would wonder how this works at only 500W (and 4 years old), but...
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    Alien life forms, do they exist?" [Broken] Is the only one I could find quickly, an example of partial silicon biochemistry...sort of. The problem with silicon is that it exists in far greater numbers than carbon on earth, yet carbon developed as the basis for life on Earth, suggesting...
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    A question on Gravity Waves and Gravity Radiation

    So far I don't think they have had any luck with gravity waves. Some have been searching for up to 20 years or more? Hopefully its about sensitivity and not a lack of the thing they are looking for. That would mess things up a little...
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    Alien life forms, do they exist?

    Alien life is life that didnt develop here...unless you mean life that is alien to us. In that case do you mean the tube worms that live next to black smokers spewing superheated water deep in ocean trenches where we would expect water pressure and heat to kill all life forms? Perhaps the...
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    Alien life forms, do they exist?" [Broken] This is a fairly good list of different chemistry types that could exist. I think our deal here is the most stable one possible?
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    Alien life forms, do they exist?

    You defined 29000 feet, the only mountain which fits that description on earth is everest. We know that as a fact? I thought things that we knew as truths actually exist? Your analogy didnt make sense because we have mapped earth, we know how high mountains are. We have not mapped the galaxy, so...
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    Before-Big Bang

    We have a reasonable idea of how our our universe was formed up to an instant after the big bang don't we? We just dont understand what happened before that? If its a multiverse like m-theory predicts wont there end up being two theories which communicate in some way, one for our universe and...
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    Alien life forms, do they exist?

    No, its not...because we know Everest is the tallest mountain as a fact. We dont know the amount of stars in the milky way or the probabilities of habitable planets as a fact. Kind of a terrible analogy...
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    Mathematical Matter

    I have thought that before as well, but mathematics are defined by us. The universe doesnt do maths itself or calculate its status every microsecond. Other civilisations would be likely to come up with similar results to us, but with far different mathematics systems. Maths is likely just a...