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    Love vs. thinking

    Love and thinking, I'm still confused as to how you can't do both. I love to think. I've only had a quick glance over everyone's post because to be honest, they're long and personally I think they're overcomplicated. If you find the right person, who also loves to think but loves you too...
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    What we were never told

    That's an example of being close minded, you don't want to believe that we could do so much more with our minds than what we already know because it would change things, and as a human being, you're afraid of change. Forgive me if I'm speculating but that's how it seems to me. You find most...
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    Two minds?

    When you're deciding on something but don't know what to pick, people do tend to say you're in two minds. Whether this has anything to do with your question and whether or not it can be helpful, I don't know but it's all that came to mind, no pun intended.
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    On Music

    Emotions are a good thing because it lets you know how you feel but overall, being angry can be a bad thing and so can being upset and yes, some music does make you angry or upset, so I suppose you could call that bad music, even if it's good to listen to.
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    On Music

    Wow, that's lots of words. I don't normally use lots of words and being a teenager, I tend to get bored by lots of words but I liked to sound of this topic so I read it. Being only human and with little experience in the world, I am unsure what music actually is. I agree that it is most...
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    How evil can be stopped!

    I'm going to be simple and give my opinion to the first question asked. I do not believe that there is an actual way of stopping evil, just like there is no way for evil to stop good. Good cannot survive without evil and evil cannot survive without good. It is very simple, if there was to be no...
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    Do you believe in fate?

    I've just thought but technically, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. There are only different views. Different people see things differently and therefore interpret them differently so all our thoughts could be correct. It's like the three blind men trying to see what an...
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    Sure god is great but what has he ever done for me?

    There is a new series coming on in the UK, I think it's called Joan of Arcadia and I was watching the trailer. Joan asked God to prove he was God and do something, he pointed out a tree and she said, it's just a tree(or something like that) and he simply replied, i'd like to see you make one...
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    Are some people born with an "intrinsic high IQ"?

    Different minds develope differently and there are those that are born with the natural ability for numbers and what not. My science teacher once said that there are people like that and that some of those people tend to have a sort of autistic feel to them, meaning they can be slightly...
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    Number 666 Occurence

    666, isn't it weird how it appears everywhere? I was playing a card game and I picked up 3 sixes in a row, consequently my hand was 666. It appears in other places in my life and has very little affect on me. What do these 3 little sixes really mean?
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    Do you believe in fate?

    No, I believe that most people look at the bad side to things and it makes the world seem like a horrible place when it's not all that bad. There are plenty of beautiful things that make the world seem nice and is it so bad to believe that they are due to some divine power?
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    Suicide wrong?

    Never say obviously because nothing is obvious, no matter how clear it may be to you, it is not always obvious to everyone else, especially if you yourself are wrong. Life is precious and it is a gift that has been given to us, it is up to us how we use this gift and the gift giver only...
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    Do you believe in fate?

    Do I believe in fate? Well, in order to answer this question we must meet a mutual agreement as to what fate is. A dictionary definition says that it is a force or power that predetermines events or the inevitable events predestined by this force. Also it is a final result or consequence; an...