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    Ethics 101

    This is just a ridiculous situation, with more than enough pts to argue for/against. However, I think the nature of your first post clearly shows this is not easy - for anyone.
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    Taxes Finished em!

    Go to H&R Block, they can advise you for free.
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    Inertia, Apathy, Boredom, Depression

    Prozac my friend.. Prozac. Kidding... I can fully empathize. Time will pass but for now try to keep your chin up.
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    Taxes Finished em!

    You know, as long as you don't owe state or federal any extra dough you can file your taxes whenever you please.
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    What are imaginary numbers and how and why are they used in physics?

    Stop teasing the kid. Imaginary numbers are numbers that you give to girls that you never want to actually have a telephone conversation with.
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    We know e (exponential) is a irrational number Write that as a fraction!
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    Linux is great

    I'm an occasional Linux user. However, I wonder if Linux really is for everyone. I've seen in other forums that Greg is a solemn gamer, is it possible to have a thriving gaming life outside of windows or a mac?