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    What Is With Tesla and Newton?

    Talk about humorless responses.
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    Misquoting Einstein?

    Realistically, Winston Churchill couldn’t have offered any worthy advice as concerns the Internet (if indeed he actually made any statement about the Internet, which I highly doubt) as such came about essentially after his days. Winston Churchill suffered a series of strokes (in 1949 – age 75...
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    Why do we lose balance in a bike when at a standstill?

    Krab’s explanation is correct. The scenario is akin to balancing an upside down broom in one’s hand; so long as you can move your hand around as required, the broom can remain in an essentially balanced upright state. Likewise when steering the bicycle, even at low speeds, steering allows...
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    The pains of getting older.

    Turbo, do you still have the same loss of functionality? Has it improved to some degree?
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    The pains of getting older.

    That’s great news Turbo. My neighbor’s sister passed away several months ago at age 42 however, she brought the reaper upon herself as she slept, as she was a chain smoking heroin junkie. Her brother and I forewarned her multiple times that she wouldn’t last all that much longer at her age if...
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    Wanna Be A Loser?

    Greetings Lisab, It pays to bear in mind that dieting will never rival some manner of activity that serves to increase the rate of your metabolism. Diets have never worked for me as they only left me miserably hungry, weak, shaky, gave me headaches, and increased my desire to eat something...
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    Wind Force is Equal?

    The scenario allegedly provided by a Ph.D. was very poorly articulated therefore, it has resulted in a myriad of answers based upon individual impressions of that which was meant by the professor’s use of the term “effort”. “Effort” is a relative term to humans, as one individual may deem a...
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    Planet's Orbits.

    No answer of any consequence may be formulated, as the associated principles pertaining to radial gravitational fields are violated by the very nature of the question. How then, would one formulate probabilities pertaining to that which violates long observed reality? Hence, probability...
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    Calculate speed of Drag Car

    Firstly: A 1/4 mile is 1,320 feet, which is “402.336 meters” (not 375 meters). Secondly: A car traversing a distance with a steady initial velocity (merely for clarity’s sake since you stated that you found this equation) is computed as follows: v = d / t Naturally, this equation is...
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    Most Important Thing In Science : Asking The Right Question

    While this is somewhat subjective, I found that Galileo Galilei asked far better questions and derived far more significant answers than Newton. Newton merely built upon that which Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler had already discovered. Reading the great work of Galileo was much more interesting...
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    Peeing on the fence

    To conserve water when I moved into my house 13.5 years ago, I filled two plastic 2 liter soda bottles with water and placed one in each of the two toilet tanks in my house. Next, I adjusted both of the tank floats to fill just halfway. So each tank is actually only holding about 2 gallons of...
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    Is it okay to cheat on a spouse that has Alzheimer's?

    Do they not recollect the wedding vows each made to the other? “…to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward until death do us part?” Within that sacred promise is found...
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    Gravity and density

    If mass increases, but the Volume remains the same, then the intensity of gravity increases in direct proportion to the increase in the Density within the given volume. After all, Density multiplied by Volume yields the quantity of mass: m = DV Therefore, if Density doubles, mass also...
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    Cyclist moving up a hill

    Respectfully Berkeman, a teacher who fails to answer a question, but asks a question in its stead has failed to teach or convey anything of any value. Such is not helpful to the OP nor is it helpful to many others that will visit this forum and this particular bicycle related thread whom are not...