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    Final project

    ... Some more info would be useful, you know. I think of: - different types of titter-totters. - mechanisms to make the "springback" (e.g. springs, simple lever w/ gravity,...) - a mathematical model of the types (spring-mass system or lever system) You can also write a poem on them, if you wish.
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    Statistics, probability help please !

    Amateur's answer is correct. Your attempt doesn't make any sense. Remember: probability can never be more than 1. So if you find 2.8, think again.
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    Another Noob MATLAB Question - For loop

    Hm. You don't define b as a vector before the loop, you just run through it in the for loop, so b in the loop takes on a integer value, and not a vector. Generally: don't use b as running variable in loop, while re-assigning it a value IN the loop. Bound for troubles. Define b before...
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    Expected Value of Distribution on Histogram: T/F

    Yup, just make up a histogram and test it. Easy as pie in Matlab, or even just by hand. -> The thing to do is calculate the mean value of the histogram, and check if that is in the "highest bar".
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    Dynamic Friction between surfaces

    Homework Statement We have a body V1, which is in contact over body V2 over a flat (i.e. planar) surface S. (The planar approximation can be considered a good one). Body V1 is moving, V2 is stationary. A normal force F exists between the bodies at surface S, acting in point P. This force...
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    Change in angle due to rotation

    Hi, I have the following problem: A rigid body, to which an axis system xyz is attached, has an orientation defined by Euler angles phi, theta and psi with respect to an intertial frame XYZ. The Euler angles are defined as explained on wikipedia and can be thought of as a rotation...