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    Numerical methods math riddle

    In principle, zero is probably the correct guess if everyone plays perfectly - this would also yield a tie between everyone because everyone will be correct. In reallity though, I'd probably venture to guess slightly more then zero, perhaps even one. As eluded to, all it takes is one person...
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    Three 3's

    My bid is: \omega^{\omega^\omega} Though my grasp of transfinite numbers is shakey at best, I think it's bigger then "infinity" (i.e. plain omega) and 3^infinity :-).
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    The Blind Mathematician

    I've pondered the same "overanalytical" thing before when faced with similar questions. It certainly doesn't take much to realize where the problem means to aim with it, but it is a little dubious. Even with one wife, {6,6,1} could be a posibillity, in fact with the way my sisters and I were...
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    The sky is falling down on me

    I assume it would be solvable by some combination of iffs (if and only if) or "if I asked you X, what would you say" type questions. Not having heard the question before, I don't understand the rules. "at" in 1. and 2. could mean "living at" or "currently at", 3. I'm not even sure what it might...
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    Pattern possible?

    <joins in the applause> Very nice. I still feel that given continous pieces of one color each, five still ought to be impossible as per the four color problem. Yes, I agree, the original problem is stated a bit haphazardly and doesn't prevent that and possibly other things. I figured that this...
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    Ths wrd hs n vwls

    I was thinking the answer was supposed to be the onomatopoetical "Hmm". But then perhaps I'm reading too much into the last part.
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    Three 3's

    Sorry about not seeing the sticky at the time. I picked e9e9e9 by simply checking what the background rendered to, though with color profiles, websafeness and what not it may well be something else when it starts out (I just hit printscreen, tabbed over to photoshop, pasted in a screenshot and...
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    Pattern possible?

    I was kind of thinking the same thing, i.e. if a single point is considered ok then the original 4 slice pie would have been fine. However, it might well be that non-single point contact can be made but reshaping the slices a bit and it cetainly ruins my previous argument.
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    Three 3's

    None of the pre-set colors match the new skin, but if you use e9e9e9 it'll be invisible. I.e. <bracket>color="#e9e9e9"<bracket> Text <bracket>/color<bracket> (not sure how to make a bracket actually show up instead of being interpreted). Demo: Invisible text
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    Pattern possible?

    Hmm, interesting. On an intuitive level, it certainly feels like four would be impossible, any attempt to "cross connect" the remaining pairs of the "three each" solution would encircle one of the others, something which obviously cannot happen with identical tiles. I'd suspect a proof would...
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    I am the only one here

    Same with the previous "70 cents... 3 quarters... 75 cents... 4 nickles... 20 cents... 4 pennies...", the three quaters, two dimes and a nickle would work as would numerious other combinations.
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    I am the only one here

    There are indeed half-dollar coins, though quater, dime, nickle and penny (25, 10, 5 and 1, respectively) are *way* the most common. The half-dollar is used pretty rarely, though they are definitly around. There have also been rounds of dollar coins for ages (gold/silver dollars, etc) though...
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    I am the only one here

    I can't figure out a way to get above $1.19 (such as 50+25+4*10+4*1). The only "split" that would take me above a dollar is the 25 which keeps it from happening since there's no 25 in 4*10 and there isn't enough pennies to make another 5. I may be wrong, but that'd be my guess.
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    Pythagorean triangles

    Answer: 15 112 113 42 40 58 70 24 74 (leg leg hypotenuse) All three have area 840. Gotten by: I essentially used the old formula for generating primitive (i.e. non-reducable by division)pythagorian triangles: (m^2-n^2)^2+(2mn)^2=(m^2+n^2)^2 ...where m>n and m and n are relativily prime...
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    Mathematica Mathematica perfect square number detector oddity

    This may possibly be the wrong place for this, but I figure it's the closest area around since it's mostly software related I think. It may be a lame question, I'm not entirely at home in this area to say the least - this is a horizon streaching game more then anything on my part. For reasons...