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    Outside the universe

    What do physicists think is outside the universe ( understanding the universe is finite)? More universes, quantum masch or something else? Please give your opinion.
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    Two simple questions regarding black holes

    Has it already happened that a black hole ate an other black hole?
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    Two simple questions regarding black holes

    Object1*object2=x x/distance between the two objects squared= the amount of force at which gravity pulls the two(or more) objects(calculated in Newtons). This means a black hole with the mass of 4.5 the mass of the sun's core the size of a fork will have MUCH more gravital pull as a black hole...
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    What happens when a ray of light hits the boundary of the universe?

    Hi I personly believe that our Universe is expanding in a much much much much bigger and older Universe. That would mean there would be no boundry in a infinit chain of "Universes"
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    Black hole.

    What?! No, I mean what does that mean?
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    Black hole.

    What?! No, I mean what does that mean?
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    Black hole.

    What?! Sementics?
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    Black hole.

    Yes, but black holes also stretch light rays. We would look red all over! You are right about one thing, it's a cool way to die.
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    What did we dicover on Titan?

    I know that in 2005 the Heuygens probe landed on Titan, Saturn's biggest Moon. What did we find out?
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    Two simple questions regarding black holes

    Black holes that are not eating somthing are virtually invisible. We can only detect them by their gravitationel effect on nearby stars. Black holes that are feeding on a nearby star is another matter. The gas from the star will go round the black hole in a spirale while heating. This is...
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    Accretion discs and black holes

    Lionell I think that the atoms do release energy and light, but this energy and this light will disappear in the black hole leaving no trace that it happened.