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    Bank and Information Security

    @ TheStatApe: That sucks, I'm sorry to hear that. I understand the frustration, having seen just last night that $1500 left my account and I didn't spend it. I second the suggestion to follow up with as many people as possible. You really need to know what information was compromised to take...
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    Where to buy canning jars

    Haha! Poor you, I couldn't imagine eating soggy veggies unless they are actually in a stew or soup...
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    Test Question - Pulleys and Rubberbands

    If the two rubber bands are identical, they must stretch the same amount for the same amount of force acting on them. If you have studied springs, that's a good way to look at the way the bands work. (F=kx, same k) The next part to understanding this problem is considering how the free body...
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    Where to buy canning jars

    Not slimy when battered and lightly fried. Not slimy in gumbo. (Yum)
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    Calculating free energy from Ksp

    Hint: Consider the implications of the solubility constant versus the \Delta G\ of formation (which is the value you have given), specifically the reactions involved.
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    Students who cheat in introductory physics courses

    At my university, in my department, many solutions are shared on the public computers. Some are student attempts at problems and some are from published solutions manuals. I can't say how many use these solutions to cheat, but I can say that I would not have understood Materials 101 without...
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    Where to buy canning jars

    Other suggestions: fruit (jams and spreads too), tomatoes, and pickled items (okra, cucumbers, banana peppers, cabbage). I personally love pickled okra, although pickling at home sometimes causes the okra to be a bit slimy. (Still good though!) A quick tip (briefly mentioned by an earlier...