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    Shear Stress, Area of Projection

    Is direction of force F correct? I don't see any shear for the rivet in that case. The only shear is the so called punching shear to the plate due the pressure of the rivet head but i don't think that's the case here. Is it a single plate or there are two of them connected with the rivet?
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    Von Mises stress

    It depends on material. Von-mises yield criterion is good for steel and similar ductile and homogenous materials. For concrete, ceramics etc it is not accurate because of the different behaviour under tension and compression, where other yield criteria can be used like the Drucker–Prager one...
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    What building mass should be applied for 2D analyses?

    You have to use enginnering judgement on this. If the 3D structure is regular, that is with identical 2D frames, with equal spacing between them, bracing is evenly distributed (or doesn't exist), the loads are uniform at any level etc, then a first approach would be to assign to the 2D frame...
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    Column under a concentric axial load (Buckling)

    If no imperfections exist (eccentricity or other) and the load is below Euler's: zero displacement If no imperfections exist and the load is equal or bigger than Euler's: there is displacement but you can't determine it with simple theory, you need to condider large displacement theories...