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    Other Computational mathematics vs Applied Mathematics

    It would depend on what you would like to do after graduation. I personally majored in computation mathematics and my course load was mostly scientific computing, numerical analysis, and statistics. There was also a lot of applied courses I took. If you want go straight in industry computational...
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    Admissions Applying to Medical Physics School

    I'll be taking the GRE exam this summer. My main concern is if the school is a CAMPEP-accredited program. I still debating between the M.S. program or the PhD. At this point right now I am lean towards a M.S. program. Getting into a top Tier school is not that much of a concern to me.
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    Admissions Applying to Medical Physics School

    Hello everyone, I am posting here in this forum in order to get some insight on what my chances are on getting into a Medical Physics program. Here is a small summary of my academic background, I graduate from Arizona State University with a 3.4 GPA and have two Bachelors of Science one in...
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    Studying Best books for learning Plasma Physics?

    Hi there, So I have two questions really. My first question is, I'm having a bit of trouble finding which books I should get to teach myself plasma physics. My school doesn't offer a course on the subject, sadly, so I asked my professors, who do nuclear research, and they didn't know which...