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    Rate Law Homework Problem

    i meant Rate=k [Ce4+]^2 [Tl+] for the uncatalyzed reaction
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    Rate Law Homework Problem

    Homework Statement Cerium and thallium ions react as follows: 2Ce4+ (aq) + Tl+ (aq) ---> 2Ce3+ (aq) + Tl3+ (aq) This reaction is very slow and is thought to occur in a single elementary step. The reaction is catalyzed by the addition of Mn2+(aq) according to the following mechanism...
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    DNA Sequencing hwk problem

    Homework Statement A DNA strand with the sequence 3' GTGAACTGC 5' is complementary to the sequence Choose one answer. a. 5' GTGAACTGC 3' b. 3' GACGTTACA 5' c. 3' GCAGTTCAC 5' d. 5' GCACTTCAC 3' . Homework Equations 3' GTGAACTGC 5' 5' CACTTGACG 3' The...
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    Recombination Freq.: Genetic Mapping Hwk Problem

    Homework Statement The recombination frequency between gene “Q” and gene “Z” is found to be 23.5%. The recombination frequency between “Q” and a third gene “R” is 10%. The frequency of recombination between “Z” and “R” is 13.5%. Which one of the following is NOT true concerning these three...
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    DNA base pairing calculation

    Homework Statement If a double-stranded segment of DNA has been found to have 23 purines and 15 thymines, how many guanines are there? Homework Equations purines are adenine and guanine...adenine and thymine should be equal amounts. So, there are 15 adenines. Out of the 23 purines...
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    Biology Genetics: DNA & mRNA sequencing

    Homework Statement A portion of DNA has the sequence 3' TTGACGC 5'. The sequence of RNA that is transcribed from this sequence is Choose one answer. a. 3' UUCAGCG 5' b. 5' AACUGCG 3' c. 5' AACTGCG 3' d. 5' GCGUCAA 3' Homework Equations 3' TTGACGC 5' 5'...
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    Homework on ribosomes help

    Homework Statement The process of transcription Choose one answer. a. takes place on ribosomes. b. occurs only in eukaryotic cells. c. can only produce messenger RNA molecules. d. builds an RNA strand in the 5' to 3' direction. Homework Equations...
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    Biology Genetics: Mapping and Recombinant Frequency

    Thanks....i actually forgot to put all of the progeny in the denominator...(205+195+1263+1196)
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    Biology Genetics: Mapping and Recombinant Frequency

    Homework Statement Two homozygous plants are crossed and all offspring (F1) are yellow with long stems. A cross of the offspring (F1)produces the following phenotypes in the F2 generation: 1,263 yellow, long stem 1,196 white, short stem 205 yellow, short stem 195 white, long stem...