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    Split cycle HCCI engine idea

    Hi Imotorhead64 none of these links work for me.
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    The Nuclear Power Thread

    A couple of questions. I was reading up a tiny bit on reactors and I was introduced to pool-type reactors and research reactors (often used to provide medical isotopes). Now, I read about some low temperature non boiling lwr that were built to provide process heat and even some papers on low...
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    A different Brayton Cycle concept.

    Has anyone ever built a subatmospheric brayton-cycle piston engine? or a sub-atmospheric open stirling cycle?
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    Split cycle HCCI engine idea

    yes 2:1 - 4:1 compression, but coupled with 6:1 - 12:1 expansion. I think a little compression goes a long way in improving the thermodynamics. Particularly when you have a very large expansion piston, as in this design. I did do a spreadsheet based on the adiabatic relationship. Okay the...
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    Split cycle HCCI engine idea

    the compression ratio will be quite low between 2 and 4 perhaps. So I don't think it will be hot enough to knock. Or am I missing something?
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    Muonium energy levels

    so does this mean the de broglie wavelength is 1/200th of that of an electron? and the velocity is approx 14 times higher than that of an electron - and if so are we anywhere near relativistic speeds yet? If two positive muons were bound to one negative muon in the same manner as a h2+ ion...
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    Split cycle HCCI engine idea

    I was wondering about a split cycle engine too this week. In this version the piston compresses say 2/3 of the air into a separate reservoir, then a valve shuts and the piston continues to compress the remaining third of the air to 1/6 of the cylinder volume, i.e to half the remaining air's...
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    Neutron Matter

    I've been thinking about this problem too. And I understand the 15 minute thing is a limiting factor. But I still have another question, relating to the neutrons generated in the sun. btw its been 14 years since I did my degree so forgive me if my question is a bit naive. If a neutron is...