What is Hello everybody: Definition and 12 Discussions

Hello, Everybody! is a 1933 American Pre-Code musical film directed by William A. Seiter and written by Lawrence Hazard, Fannie Hurst and Dorothy Yost. The film stars Kate Smith, Randolph Scott, Sally Blane, Charley Grapewin, George Barbier, Wade Boteler and Julia Swayne Gordon. The film was released on February 17, 1933, by Paramount Pictures.

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  1. ConjugatedClanger

    What are the latest topics in physics?

    Hello everyone, From what I've seen this seems to be a really nice community and I'm looking forward to discussing physics with everyone! Cheers!
  2. A

    Exploring the Physics Community: A Chat with Chatgpt

    I was chating with chatgpt about communites and that time I found Physics forums. Totally a great place for all the physics enthusiast. Great to be here!!!
  3. Z

    Zeynab student master of physics

    Hi everyone, I am happy to meet you.
  4. J

    What inspired Jay Pandey to pursue mathematics and physics as a college fresher?

    Hello people my name is Jay Pandey am am from India and am currently a fresher in college with mathematics major but i also love physics ... so here I am
  5. devilish_wit

    Exploring the Acceleration of a Projectile Motion Lab

    Homework Statement We had a lab on projectile motion and one of the questions was this: Use your Vy versus t graph to determine the y-component of the acceleration of the puck. Should this be equal to the acceleration due to gravity (9.8 m/s)? Explain why it is or why it is not. The...
  6. devilish_wit

    Why Join a Physics Help Community?

    Hey guys, I decided to join this page since it helped me out a lot with my physics-related homework. Tbh I suck at physics and I try to work hard to learn but I just don't get it at all. Anyways, looking forward to helping each other out here :)
  7. bubbleHZ

    Is Aerospace Engineering a Good Foundation for a Physics Graduate Program?

    Hello, everone, I am an senior undergraduate student in UA(Tuscaloosa), and I major in Aerospace Engineering:):wink: it's nice to meet everyone. Can anyone give me a guidence if I would like ask some question about physics graduate program? Thanks
  8. T

    Is Saying Hello Good for Your Mental Health?

    Happy Friday Everybody! I just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone! Thank you for having me... Have a nice weekend! Dan (TAP3X)
  9. Emellish

    What Are Some Practical Solutions for Tree Stump Grinding?

    I am a practical guy with an electro-mechanical background. I have always been on the nuts and bolts installation/fitting end. I do not have a design background with only a trade high school education, and have been away from mathematical problem solving for so long (I'm 72 and still working)...
  10. L

    What is the life of a mad scientist like?

    Hi everybody! Nice to meet you all. You can call me Luna. I am kind of a Mad Scientist girl who is finishing Med School, but with a ton of scientific hobbies. From fungus colecction to Quantum Mechanics! Lately, I'm enrolling in some subjects and online courses, especially about physics. I hope...
  11. C

    What Hidden Dangers Should New Forum Members Beware Of?

    Hello everybody this is Clarke new to the forum , hope u all welcome me :)
  12. R

    Is AP Physics the Hardest Class in High School?

    Hey all, I found this forum a while back, and just re-found it today. I took regular physics last year in high school, and found it simple. So I took a big step and took the hardest class my school offers: AP Physics. I had my first test on Friday, and boy was it hard. But I don't think I did...