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  1. Kaita Kagami

    Perkenalan (Indonesian for introduction)

    Hello everyone My name is Kaita Kagami, you can call me Kai I am a student at a college in Indonesia that located in Yogyakarta and currently undergoing the second semester of the physics program My plan for college is doing some research in nuclear and also seeking the beauty of Mathematical...
  2. kaare_t

    Physics forum, I found you! (but not via Google) :D

    How did you find PF?: Tried a new search-engine and voilà; found an interesting forum! Hi all! I'm glad to have found this forum, it seems to be lot's of great people and information here and I'm looking forward to dive into everything! Interestingly my previous search-engine has never put...
  3. EcSolticia

    Goal-oriented aspiring mathematician and mathematical physicist

    Hello, I am Quinn EcSolticia. I value rationality and human intellect; whilst my main interest lies in mathematics and theoretical physics. I am currently an 18 Y/O student, but I have a deeply clarified purpose that guides my life which I do not think might really change very easily in my...
  4. physicsgirly

    Forum Guidelines: Rules and Expectations for Scientific Discussions

    Hello! My name is Eleonora but you can call me Leo. I'm a girl. I love mathematics and physics and I aspire to become a theoretical physicist one day (or maybe this will change someday, but for now it's my biggest life goal). I still go to school. I want to self-study physics and find fellow...
  5. tanzeelaanum

    What drives a dedicated physicist to explore the wonders of the universe?

    Hello Everyone, I am thrilled to join this esteemed Physics Forum, a space where the wonders of the universe are explored and discussed with fervor. Allow me to introduce myself as a dedicated aficionado of all things physics, driven by an insatiable curiosity to delve into the depths of this...
  6. rohit_astro2004

    What are the latest developments in pulsar research at TIFR, India?

    Heyy Guys, I am Rohit Nair, SYBSC physics maths student from st. Xavier's College, Mumbai, India. I have a strong curiosity and thirst to learn and solve maths and physics problems. Currently working under a project on pulsars in TIFR, India's research institute. Also, I am into experimental...
  7. Temesgen Mit

    What is the Role of Mathematics and Physics in Scientific Inquiry?

    I am just starting on mathematics and physics so I might need your help. I look forward to learn from all of you.
  8. Dmi3007

    Can I Discuss New Science and Ideas on Physics Forums?

    2 High educations: National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) Moscow State University
  9. P

    Well here I am!!.I hope this forum will help me grow with Physics.

    I'm currently in high school ,and am a science student. I find physics Interesting I hope to learn more from this amazing physics community. Wish me luck for the future!! 👨‍🔬
  10. CuriousDART

    Can Physics Concepts Enhance High School Math Education? Meet CuriosDART!

    I am a public high school math teacher who connects relevant physics facts to the maths students are studying. I hope PF will provide grist for my mill.
  11. L

    Ready to Learn? Join the Scientific Community at PF!

    Hi PF! I am a new member and looking forward to learning new things here. Thanks!