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An introduction by johnjohn22

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    Hello everyone:

    I am new to this Forum. My background is very diversified in many skilled technical disciplines such as HVAC, electricity, electronics, pneumatics, and hydrolics, and computer hardware. My formal academic education is 13 years. However, my technical education is over 20 years, and ongoing at age 75. I also spent 2 years of ground school and flight training to secure my private pilots license, which I received in the early 1970's. I have also run my own S-corporation in the HVAC/R business for a number of years.

    I have taught technical skills in technical high school, private tec.school, community college, and in the transportation industry as a technical training instructor in the organizational training and development department. I have written four books on technical subjects, and they are all registered in the Bureau of copyrights in Washington D.C.

    1. 1987 - How to stop smoking for a lifetime. I did seminars with the book.
    2. 1992 - Understading basic terminology of air conditioning and refrigeration -Taught
    semister in community college, and in the transportation industry.
    3. 1999 - How to build your own state of the art computer. sold books to vendors at computer shows.
    4. 2015 - You, Your Money, and the Stock Market.- use as my reference to make money. This book was not written for publication, but for my own use. It is also registered.
    5. 2020 - My second book on the stock market should be released to the public.
    6. 2025 - What's it all about universe? Why don't you just tell them, that you have always been here.

    Ladies and gentlemen if you want answers, keep looking outside of your paradigm of reality, and don't always follow the crowd.

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    Welcome to PF!
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