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Hi im a comic book artist... :D

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    Hi PF! Impressive site. My name is Scott and im hoping I can wring some useful info from this site and its members. Ive always been a fan of QFT, astrophysics and a great deal more. Im currently scripting my own comic book, and trying to integrate a heavy dose of science. The comics industry is in a boom, and I see opportunity to integrate actual science into the project. While it cant adhere entirely to reality(comic book!), Im attempting to integrate and illustrate concepts like dark energy, gravitational waves, SUSY, LWFA and more. I believe this book can entertain, while educating and promoting science at the same time. I dont understand the math behind theory, but as a written language its quite beautiful. Maybe some readers might find unexpected inspiration from seeing, for example, an illustration of, and equation for chrenkov radiation- at ftl speed. And who doesn't love a story about an experimental particle collider?
    Honestly though, im in over my head. The crossroads of art and science is a humbling place to travel. Id like to post a more in-depth thread later on.. if theres interest. Great site here with some great minds. Thanks everyone. Cherenkov_TABbnr.jpg
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    Hi Scott! Welcome to PF!

    A thread on specific ways to integrate science into a story should be put into the Writing and World Building forum.
    Technical questions unrelated to fiction can be placed in the appropriate technical forum. The General Physics forum is usually fine if you're unsure where to ask a question.
    Non-technical and world building questions probably belong in the General Discussion forum.

    If you're unsure about something, feel free to send myself or another mentor a private message.
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