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Hobbyist/DIYer trying to use science

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    Hi all, I'm an electrician by trade with over 18 years in that field. In my spare or lack there of time I have taken up metal fabrication. At first I wasn't too concerned with knowing the capacities or the limits of my builds due to the fact that I was using material that was a little on the overkill side. My new issue is I am getting into building aquarium stands and other objects that will be supporting a decent amount of weight for people who try to supply the material. If it was just a simple design with vertical supports evenly placed I would be ok but I have 2 builds where he wants the front completely open. I want to be able to be cvertain that the one section will be ok.
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    Hi tommydh. :welcome:

    I think our General Engineering subforum might be the one where you could post the details and ask for suggestions re the support design.

    Note that you should treat feedback as suggestions only and that final responsibility rests with you because no one offering voluntary comment and suggestions here is in a position to give any guarantee to the ideas offered.
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    I've built fish tank stands.
    What size tanks are you interested in?
    The area of the feet on the floor can often be a problem. Lot of weight on small areas can damage wood floors, or go through them.
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