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I new Physics PhD student here contributing with questions

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    For fellow physicists and lovers of science,

    Great to meet you. I am a current Physics PhD student who wants to go into academia here and has some questions about to what extent different ideas are present here.

    For example, I know this may seem odd, but I was wondering if, for example, we have posters here who have various views about the compatibility of physics and science in general and religion and whether or not processes like evolution and the Big Bang theory can be reconciled with religion.

    I know that physicists are sometimes noted skeptics of theology, sometimes militantly so, and I have views on this that may not be in the mainstream so i was wondering if we have posters who believe, as I do, that evolution, the big bang and other processes can in fact be reconciled with theology.

    And I was also wondering if we have diversity of opinion here on cultural issues related to education and science, for example the kind of policies we should have towards high schools, colleges and other institutions.

    So do we have a wide varieties of ideas here? I was wondering about that.
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    Welcome to PF!

    You're getting on shaky ground here with your proposed discussion.

    We don't dwell on these topics. Our focus here is to help STEM students and others interested in mainstream science understand it better. We don't discuss speculative science, personal theories or have religious debates on this site.

    Please take some time to read the forum rules.
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