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If a guy falls out of a tree in the forest does he make a sound

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    Obviously I've never been a part of a physics forum before or else more people would know me by now. My name is Mike. I like to be called Mike if that's ok, or just use my username. I live in Albany, New York and am really just interested in learning about all things math, science, and engineering. I want to study mechanical engineering technology over at Hudson Valley Community College. I like pizza, pepsi, anything Xbox, and most of the time I'm on Facebook. Other than that I'm not that interesting unless you've known me your whole life. This is why I've decided to make an account: because I know that eventually I'll meet someone who loves engineering as much as I do, and that's saying something because I have an obsession that can only be cured by talking about engineering.
    .....boom goes the dynamite.........
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    Welcome to PF, Macgyver4321. :smile:
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    Thank you both. :)
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    "If a guy falls out of a tree in the forest does he make a sound?"

    Yes, he makes a "thud" sound. Welcome to PF!
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    Thank you.
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    Depends on the guy. I'm much more likely to make a thud sound followed by a very loud string of profanity, so some guys make a lot of sound.
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