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I'm into deep physics and math but master of neither.

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    I finally came here after getting interested in particle physics and the required math beyond my formal math and physics courses. I'm mostly here to share ideas and learn what I can from others. I respect all critique but will avoid sniping matches as that wastes all of our time. I expect to be wrong at times and hope that the corrections help me the see clearer into what I consider the most important fields of study but most ignored in everyday life.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    I'm sorry to hear that. PF can be a difficult place to post. Its true that we have a lot of smart people here who have developed a special community where language is used as precisely as possible, where speculation and personal theories are discouraged. You might wonder why this is so.

    Perhaps the best example, in the real world are debates over climate change. There are so many opinions, so much disinformation that the scientifically accurate information is lost in the mess. There are many parties who know they will have to change the way they do business which means a more costly business model, lose profits and so they run a disinformation campaign to confuse the issue (like big tobacco did during the tobacco wars). We will never know the true answer and course of action until we can objectively look at the science and make an informed decision.

    Smaller debates like this occur everyday where people answer questions and discuss things with only partial knowledge of a subject. The primary goal of PF is to help students learn STEM subjects and that means personal theories and speculative science will become a distraction and confuse the student just as many people are confused about climate change.

    Our PF members answer questions using precise language and backup what they say with peer-reviewed references whenever possible.

    As you get deeper into physics you will begin to appreciate this mode of discussion as it clarifies many things.

    My suggestion is to continue reading posts here, learn what you can and ask questions being mindful about the meanings of your words and that you really know what you're saying or asking. You will find that you'll enjoy PF more than other sites that allow speculative science and personal theories and the endless arguments and debates that lead nowhere.

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