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Introduction by request from Greg

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    I think about stuff often for years, not sure if I am too stupid to understand or am looking at something at unique angle. I dont have homework, an agenda or a name to make. I just trying to scratch some itchy places in my brain. I have a physics background but work all of my life in Microwave, so I know this subject pretty well.

    The only blogs I bother with are this one and Linked in and usually I am too busy. I usually just read and talk real time with co workers.

    Today I get on because it seems to me if Universe were hollow sphere gravity would pull things both inside and outside sphere towards surface and this would tend to explain acceleration of distant objects away from us. A shell would natural tend to form in this gravitational environment.

    The other thing I think about for years and never seem to get good answers regards the time dilation and speed of light. It seems most explanations just looking at velocity are bogus. Acceleration explains much more. I wonder if higher order derivatives such as Jerk would also have time dilation effects.

    Magnetism and electromagnetic propagation, and nature of space also are fascinating. I see claims these are explained and I dont understand the math enough for it so make sense to me yet, maybe someday.

    I have no ego or vested interest in any of these things, just curiosity. I would not be upset if I find something and someone made money or fame off my ideas. I promise not to be obnoxious, I find it very boring.

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