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My name is Ryan From Alberta Canada

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    Name is Ryan Walsh

    From Alberta, Canada
    Age 32


    I am into Soldering Solar Cells And have 1000's of types of solar Cells.
    I dont own a Large Solar System Only 10w Panels, atm.

    I am into Solar battery power, Solar Lamps devices
    I am A very Newbie at making electronics.
    My knowledge very limited in electronics.
    I am buying Electronic Starter kits soon to learn

    I also Like making Micro Wind Turbines DIY

    I am a Graphic Artist, Concept Artist, abstract artist, scenery artist, sci fi artist, product design.
    I also work on making video game with programmer. I am artist and for DIY Video Game.

    I want to learn more of physics. And I am Newbie at Physics so I may ask lots of dumb questions
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    Happy New Year! Welcome to PF!
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    you the same. THanks for the Welcome
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    Tis me Who created the Universes! But having a hard time owning this solar system becuase so many pink fleshy aliens here.

    What I meant by Solar System I mean a Solar Array System.

    Solar Panels. System
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    Yeah, I finally figured that out, LOL. You should have seen my face as I was trying to parse the phrase. I couldn't figure out if you were joking or serious or what. :biggrin:
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