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My return here to the fellowship of physics people :)

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    Hello forum members, I am Michael. A long time ago, in the closest galaxy to my own front door, I received a Bachelor of Arts in what I now refer to as "Physics Appreciation." It all started with time in my childhood spent marveling at the beauty of the night sky and bearing witness to the sense it gives of spaceship earth. After 1979, I never returned to either astronomy or physics, except occasionally when constructing code to express scientific algorithms for commercial software then used within lens and thin film design and more often, later, models of toxicological properties based on the structural similarities described by organic and physical chemistry. See even before the following terms were in use, I was a geek and hacker well before I took nineteen college level courses in physics and astronomy. Most of that has now faded. But I am still a fan of physics. And I still like to take out my big binoculars out and peak on the night sky now and then. And I am glad to come aboard here, even while mostly lurking.
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    Hi Michael Tomb. smiley_sign_welcome.gif

    and welcome back to Physics!
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