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Newbie here! Nerdburglar extraordinaire! Haha

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    Hello everyone!!!

    My name is Matt, I'm 25, a college student with an undecided major working for a computer company. Having a background in the United States military I'm interested in some not so normal things and have some rather interesting ideas about the world we live in :) .

    I have an interest in physics, chemistry, electrical engineering and the side effects those different forces have on the human mind. I am entering into a new field of study with frequencies and the relationship they have with the human mind: Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, Gamma, etc. At different frequencies.

    I will be posting questions in the different forums as I attempt to construct a piece of equipment that is capable of creating a 3 hertz to 8 hertz frequency at a minimum of 10 volts pushing through a decent size speaker.

    Hope to get to know you all!!!
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    Welcome to PF, Matt.
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    Thank you, thank you!
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