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Regarding Pressure drop for Tee section pipes

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    I want the preesure drop for Tee sections.I am using formula is ΔP=0.5*density*flow velocity ^2*resistance coefficient .
    In this formula i have to calculate the resistance coefficient .I tried in different ways but i didn't get formula.
    I have three different T sections.
    1.Tee sharp edged
    2.Branch flowing asunder
    3.Branch flowing together
    I want resistance coeeficent formula for the above 3 cases.
    Please help me.Thanks in advance.
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    Hello and welcome!

    This subforum here is meant as an opportunity to introduce yourself to the community.
    For questions like the one above, please use our homework section, in this case

    By opening a new thread there will automatically be inserted a template which you're requested to use. Esp. the section of your own efforts so far is important to us, in order to help you in an appropriate way. "No idea" will not be accepted, because w cannot hold a complete lecture on a subject. If you follow these simple rules, PF will be a great place to assist you in your learning process.

    I hope you will have fun and remain curious.
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