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Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics

- Fundamentals: Set theory, logic and proofs. Probability and statistics
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 27,583
I have roughly 80 test results from different samples, each result set is a list of concentrations of various chemical...
T 06:57 PM
0 103
I've been wondering about a simple question that I can't just google and get the answer to. Usually when we calculate...
T 04:36 PM
1 65
Hello, it is claimed that the so called G-Test can be used as a replacement for the well-known Chi-squared test....
T 01:05 AM
2 117
The scores X1 and X2 in papers 1 and 2 of an examination are normally distributed with means 24.3 and 31.2...
Y 11:11 PM
8 104
Hello everyone, I am an aspiring math teacher taking a workshop type class and in two weeks my group will be...
Y 10:13 PM
2 153
maybe this is too basic question but it is not so clear for me. when we refer to a random experiment, can a...
Y 09:39 PM
23 463
Definition of maximal, greatest, minimal and least elements of a set: ...
Y 01:01 PM
1 86
Hello, it is well-known that the Chi-square test between an observed distribution O and an expected distribution E...
Y 10:35 AM
2 106
Is the law of total probability a theorem or an axiom?
Apr14-14 01:32 PM
3 130
Hello, I have a 16x16 contingency table, and I would like to perform a test in order to reject the hypothesis of...
Apr14-14 07:05 AM
6 184
Let (A,\mathcal A), (B,\mathcal B) be measurable spaces. Let p be a probability measure on (A,\mathcal A), and let...
Apr13-14 12:07 PM
0 120
Hi all. I'm having trouble understanding the cartesian product of a (possible infinite) family of sets. Lets say...
Apr12-14 12:24 PM
Stephen Tashi
5 204
You are selling apples from a stand at the market. You are making a profit to comfortably cover your costs and...
Apr12-14 11:40 AM
Stephen Tashi
4 150
Iím working on ways to try and assess if data selection methods are capable of isolating accurate results (from a...
Apr11-14 02:26 AM
22 593
I've been learning Ito calculus and it seems so underdeveloped. What's new? What are the open problems? Who's working...
Apr11-14 02:12 AM
Simon Bridge
3 155
I am self-studying an oldish text on introductory logic by Copi. The text lists some criteria by which arguments by...
Apr10-14 04:41 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 124
There had been a case in the UK where a woman's two babies died one after the other. Then some apparent statistician...
Apr10-14 04:10 PM
Stephen Tashi
3 137
I have several data points with error bars, and these error bars are different sizes for each of the data points. I'd...
Apr10-14 04:08 PM
10 205
I'm reading about countable and uncountable sets, I found the following statement: "The set of the functions from...
Apr10-14 03:41 PM
7 155
Suppose we have a function ##F:\mathbb{R}_+\to\mathbb{R}_+## such that ##\frac{F(y)}{y}## is decreasing. Let ##x##...
Apr10-14 01:48 PM
3 135
Relevant Information A language is a set of strings over an alphabet A string is a finite set of characters from an...
Apr10-14 03:21 AM
Stephen Tashi
5 192
Hi guys, I have run multiple simulations on networks that are all slightly perturbed from each other. They produce...
Apr9-14 11:45 AM
Stephen Tashi
11 288
Basically, The Ornstein-Uhlenbeck (OU) process (and its time-integral) decribes the velocity of a brownian particle....
Apr8-14 05:05 PM
5 285
So I am working with a Hidden Markov Model with continuous observation, and something has been bothering me that I am...
Apr8-14 09:33 AM
2 164
A card game involves dealing 3 types of cards to players. There are 6 type A cards, 9 type B cards and 6 type C cards....
Apr8-14 09:24 AM
1 161
Hi all. I need to prove or disprove if process Y_n=1/2*X_n+1/4*X_{n-1}+1/8*X_{n-2} are stricly stationary. X_n,n\in R...
Apr7-14 04:14 PM
1 123
The well ordering theorem states that every non-empty set has a least element for some ordering (<). This means that...
Apr7-14 10:21 AM
1 150
Hello All, I'm building a HMM for some data where there are two different time delays. Specifically, I collect data...
Apr5-14 05:32 PM
2 128
I'm having a little trouble with the proof that the expected value of x_i is \bar{X} What I have is ...
Apr5-14 03:04 PM
3 151
Whyis it easier to disprove something than to prove something? Why can you have more certainty of something being...
Apr5-14 10:41 AM
4 219
I was reading an article in the Wall street journal and the author was using a rolling correlation coefficient, on a...
Apr3-14 06:22 PM
2 173
Hello. I was wondering if the following is correct. Let S= a*X/(b*X+c), where a,b,c are positive constants and X...
Apr3-14 03:45 PM
1 156
I have faced the following problem recently: We have a sequence A of M consecutive integers, beginning at A = 1:...
Apr2-14 03:12 PM
1 205
Hi all! I have a problem on finding the first passage time for kinetic monte carlo model. Suppose I have a linear...
Apr2-14 06:11 AM
6 235
The average if the binomial distribution with probability k for succes is simply: <> = Nk So this means that if...
Apr1-14 06:40 PM
3 252
This interesting problem was posted on another math forum ( ...
Mar31-14 05:10 PM
10 315
Hello, i was wondering if the following is correct: The expected value of (a*x+b*x*y)/(c*y) given that a,b,c are...
Mar31-14 03:47 PM
1 180
Here is the problem I have faced recently that I cannot deal with yet and I need some help: Given is the - list of...
Mar31-14 01:09 AM
4 253
I am trying to derive the distribution for the sum of two random vectors, such that: \begin{align} X &= L_1 \cos...
Mar29-14 12:40 PM
Stephen Tashi
5 289
Hello everybody. This is my first post here and I hope I'm not asking a question that's been addressed already (I did...
Mar29-14 07:38 AM
6 263

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