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ranger Mar23-06 08:06 PM

Classical Mechanics (Video Lectures)
Contains 35 video lectures.

prabhat rao Mar16-07 12:12 PM

hey that is mit open course

Astronuc Oct4-07 09:29 PM

Classical Mechanics
an introductory course

Richard Fitzpatrick
Associate Professor of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

ComicNerd2814 Nov30-08 05:43 AM

Re: Classical Mechanics (Video Lectures)
i like they way he explains this (so far)..
well understood :)

myxomatosii Mar19-09 03:17 AM

Re: Classical Mechanics (Video Lectures)
Omg this is BEAUTIFUL. No I am not joking.

I have had so much difficulty understanding Newton's 3rd but I think I may have it..


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