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MathematicalPhysicist Apr5-06 01:09 PM

Exams Napster (in maths & science).
i hope to open here a thread which resembles tom mattson's physics napster thread but this time about exams in different branches in mathematics and science.

if my post is'nt posted where it should be please, do remove it.

I'll start first with cambridge mathematics past examinations:

please post here other links to past examinations availabe in the net.

MathematicalPhysicist Apr7-06 10:57 AM

here some links iv'e gathered:
1)maths past examinations from liverpool uni
2)some exams from caltech on probability theory, mainly for biologists, economists, engineers:
3)past examination papers from oxford:

tyco05 May17-06 07:30 AM

Here is a link to the exams part of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority website.

They control the curriculum for P-12 in Victoria, Australia.

You will find past exams for almost every subject that is offered (search by name) in year 12 in Victoria. There is also detailed examiners reports about the acheivement of the students.

Hope this helps!

BryanP Jan5-07 06:37 AM

Here's some course websites at my university (University of California, Berkeley) that may contain past midterm/final exams that anyone can review:

bugra Jul3-08 05:34 PM

Re: Exams Napster (in maths & science).
i'm looking for physics exams (especially General physics for undergrads) for testing and improving my knowlegde and problem solving skills. I'll choose physics by the way and in this 2-3 months duration i think this will be helpful.

bugra Jul9-08 08:59 AM

Re: Exams Napster (in maths & science).
And with solutions please. I search dozens of websites but couldn't find.

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